Talent manager Tanujaa V Mehra: Audience loves entertainment and whichever format fulfills that urge

Tanujaa V Mehra, a talent manager, who manages actors like Tabu, Tusshar Kapoor, Himansh Kohli and a few more, feels that though the viewership seems to be divided now, the Indian audience loves entertainment and do not care about the format or the platform that gives them that.

“Be it TV, films, or OTT, all three platforms give a different experience and shall remain novel for their content and experience. OTT by far is ruling at the moment and is a global choice because it has a platter of content in all genres and several languages, as opposed to TV that has much limited content and due to the pandemic even the large screen films have found their release on OTT,” she said. “However, when cinemas open up to new releases soon, the film audience will step out at least over the weekend, for the quintessential theatrical or big-screen experience. I feel that the audience loves entertainment and whichever format fulfills that urge, the viewers flow there,” she added.

Asked if she feels that the audience has become more accepting now, she exclaimed, “Definitely, and aren’t we glad!” “Thanks to this change of being in the allowance for wider and newer content, there are jobs for all. More employment opportunities, more avenues that are opening up leading to many people getting a chance to create bigger dreams, and have the path to live those dreams,” Tanujaa signed off.

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