“Laughter Club” -Versatile Comedian and Laughter King, Shri. Raju Shrivastav , officially released the new edition of the book” Laughter Club” – a collection of four one act plays written by Shri. Ashutosh Sinha , an actor, playwright.This book is also translated in English by Shri. Suresh Rajan Iyer , who has worked in a couple of one act plays along with Ashutosh Sinha.The playwright Ashutosh has over two decades of experience in working in hindi theatre , serials and films . He has carved out his name in the arena of theatre and serials . He has to his credit many of TV serials , short films and many plays which were being staged all over and very well recieved by the Audience.In this book, he has come out with four one act plays touching many aspects of human nature in a humourous style with a distinct message to the society. All the plays in the book have been staged and have been appreciated and awarded with prizes in various competitions.

In” Middle Class” the plights of middle class society is highlighted in a very light hearted manner.
In the play ” Future Is Andhera ” the behavioural change in the underworld dons.
In , “Laughter Club” it is focussing on the psychological impact of incidents happening in the society on the minds of senior members of the society. Finally , in” Aids Aida” , the ill-effects of the dreaded disease Aids is shown in a very funny way.
We do hope that the readers will like and appreciate the efforts of the playwright.

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