Padmashree Awardee Shri. Manoj Bajpayee to Head the Jury of The Filmy Monks 2nd International Film Festival 2020.

Sohel F Fidai :

TFMIFF 2020 begins 1st November! While we wait for our new normal and practice
social distancing, virtual film festivals make it worth their while.
Here’s everything you need to know about The Filmy Monks International Film Festival 2020. First of its
kind online film festival in India, It features Award Winning Films curated from around the world on their
Digital streaming platform The esteemed jury is presided by Shri Manoj Bajpayee
along with the illustrious jury comprising of Writer Director Tariq Siddiqui, Marrakech International Film
Festival curator Anne Doshi, Radio Nasha RJ Divya Solgama, and Distributor/Exhibitor Girish Wankhede. TFMIFF 2020 is curated by the Mumbai based Festival Director Prachee Soman and Ron Roy Nag to
promote Independent Film makers and their Films through their digital platform Through November 2020, they will be showcasing over 180 handpicked International films from 25
countries including Shorts, Feature Films, Documentaries et al, They aim to have something for
everybody. Prachee says, ‘We are honored to have Manoj Bajpayee as the Head of the Jury and we are
elated to have the winning film selected by him’.
ONTFM is an independent OTT platform which plays the selected films, arming Film makers in this digital
space fight with a platform for them to connect with their audiences. With a great line up of
International content, ONTFM aims to make your binge watching worth your while and bring an added
freshness to its audiences.
‘Cinema has always been a way for us to escape reality and create make-believe moments of magic and
wonder. We hope you enjoy our holistic approach for you to enjoy your time ONTFM. Your support to the
filmmakers will help us boost their confidence while they entertain us get through this pandemic’.

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