Parul Yadav : “It is disgusting that the police are leaking private videos and irrelevant personal details of Rhea, Ragini, and Sanjana. They are innocent until proven guilty .*


The Talented actress and producer Parul Yadav has been expressing her views on the ongoing drug scandal probes in Bollywood as well as in the South Indian Industry . She has been vocal about how the woman actors are being targeted as they are soft targets and their names are being dragged into the drug scandal to gain extra publicity and divert attention from real issues.The actress wrote a new post on her social media, expressing her opinion on the investigations and expressing her sympathy towards Rhea Chakraborty, Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani:

To all “patriots” generous in their contribution to the copious amounts of abuse showered on me for “defending” Rhea, Ragini & Sanjana.

I believe that drug abuse is a serious concern and all efforts must be made to stamp out this menace. I will never justify the use of psychotropic substances. However, to focus the entire weight of the top investigative agencies in the nation on these three women who are, at worst, minor consumers, makes little sense. It almost feels like the Government needed something sensational to take everyone’s minds off the failure to manage Covid, the freefalling economy and the Chinese threat.
I have been reading up on the One Belt One Road project that the Chinese have been planning and that’s a real threat to India. Our nation could be surrounded by Chinese controlled regimes soon. A failed state like Pakistan is borrowing so much from the Chinese that’s it’s very likely that they will soon be a Chinese colony. Sri Lanka got the Hambantota port built with Chinese money and now the Chinese have a 99year lease on it because Sri Lanka couldn’t repay the loan… it’s truly scary… Why is our national discourse not centered around how we can become a stronger nation – economically and politically.

The whole idea behind this investigation and the rush to arrest these three women is designed to sensationalise the matter and grab headlines. Drug abuse is spread across all sections of society and obviously arresting some IT engineer for smoking a couple of joints won’t even make the news let alone lead the news. This is unfair to these women. It’s not even like the police has shown any inclination to go after major politicians or male actors – names surface periodically but nothing ever happens.

It is disgusting that the police are leaking private videos and irrelevant personal details of Rhea, Ragini, and Sanjana. They are innocent until proven guilty and its extremely painful to watch these videos of their interrogation surface. Are the police working for the people or are they working for the news channels? In fact in one of the videos that surfaced about Sanjana you can see a policewoman record the action on her phone. The police are supposed to be an impartial investigative body not a source of yellow journalism. No one has any right to strip anyone of their dignity. This is shameful and does not do justice to the promise and premise of our Constitution. #JaiHind

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