Abhijeet Daigavane launches the first ever alternate medicine finder app, ‘DuWah’

Sohel F Fidai :

Atom O’Sphere is a IT, IoT, AI and media company based in Mumbai offering new age advertising solutions, they recently launched an alternate medicine finder app called ‘DuWah’. This application is the brainchild of Abhijeet Daigavane, who is an actor, entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of Atom O’Sphere along with Kumar Raj.
The Brand Ambassador for the company is International Award Winning Actress Rekha Rana.

This app aims to introduce people with cost friendly generic medicines with the same composition of their original medication along with the list of other alternatives including the price.
“We have made sure the app is very user friendly keeping in mind all age groups. Our users just have to feed in the name of their medicines and they will be presented with a list of all the salts (drugs) present in the medicine, side effects, uses, along with its manufacturing address”, explained Abhijeet.

The current pharmaceutical industry operates on medicines prescribed by professionals/doctors which are generally abroad based medicines for which the prices are quite high but there are several measures taken by the government to boost usage of generic medicine substitutes.
But one of the major problems that arise when people tend to switch generic medicines is receiving the prescriptions from their doctors.

Majority of the population in India still lack knowledge of these generic medicines which are upto 90% cheaper than their usual prescribed ones.

‘DuWah’ overcomes these limitations and sensitises the consumer about the alternate medicines as well as the price difference, thereby upholding the principles of caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware.
Thus, this unique initiative would give rise to sufficiently informed consumers who would be capable enough to question every unnecessary prescription that may be given by a medical professional.

The app is currently available on both Google and Playstore as well as Appstore for users to make use of, after registration.



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