Chhichhore’s Saharsh Kumar and Aneri Vajani’s Original Series “Cookiees” Releases on Gemplex

Sohel F Fidai :

Gemplex’s new release Cookiees is a fresh, spice of life Original Series and revolves around college drama and the vibrant happenings. Not just a breath of fresh air amidst the lockdown, Cookiees is also nostalgia for those who are missing college this season. Most freshers will be able to empathize with the lead cast Aneri Vajani, Deepti Singh and Lisha Bajaj who join the campus and get themselves enrolled in the girls’ hostel.

Directed by Manish Pal Singh, the series is set in an engineering college of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh as the new academic year begins. The story revolves around Arundhati, Shelly and Jessica, who come from different cities and backgrounds; join the college and end up as roommates in the college hostel. Their status as freshers, dealing with seniors, discussing boyfriend theories, hostel experiences, naughty camaraderie, their dreams & aspirations and finally turning into a girl gang narrates the rest of the story.
Aneri Vajani is currently seen in TV Show Pavitra Bhagya as the main female lead. Earlier she also featured in web series I don’t watch TV (2016) with Nakkul Mehta. Also featuring is Saharsh Kumar Shukla who rose to fame with the character Bevda from Chhichhore, who plays a pivotal role in the series mentoring the students in the campus.
Mr. Prakash Tiwari, Chairman & MD Gemplex says “Cookiees is the right mix of youth content and entertainment. It showcases young college days in a humorous way, wanting each of us to revisit those times. Our content team always focuses on clean and entertaining content, Cookiees works on both the fronts. Our loyal viewers would love to watch this original series which will stream now on Gemplex”.
Gemplex is a niche Video-on-demand platform having their presence in India and 50+ countries worldwide. They have an amazing range of content targeted at all sections of the society. You can stream the contents and the latest release on and/or download the App on Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Samsung Galaxy Store, Cloud TV and Cloudwalker TV.
Cookiees releases on 5th September 2020. Has 5 episodes of approx. of 25 minutes each.
Trailer link:
Series Link:

Aneri Vajani, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Deepti Singh, Lisha Bajaj, Sawan Tank, Shravan Borana, Vibha Bhagat, Samridhi Dutta, Ashwin Verman

Director – Manish Pal Singh
Producer – Deepti Singh, Manish Pal Singh
DOP – Pushkar Zoting
Music – Arun Vijay

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