Sunita prajapati is big fan of Prakash Varrier and Sapna Chaudhary

Famous artist and dancer Sunita Prajapati from Jaipur, has been spending her days looking for some big platforms to fulfill her dreams, but she has not achieved any major success so far.

Wink girl Sunita Prajapati, who has made a good mark on social media, is in a lot of discussion about her videos, often one of the videos made by her is viral, which her social media fans are very fond of. It is known that she winks her eyes like Priya Prakash Varrier, which her fans have liked very much

Dance enthusiasts will be surprised to hear that Sunita Prajapati is a big fan of Sapna Choudhary and like her is currently working in Rajasthani music companies but she has not got any big offers, she wants her hard work to be big platforms Come on and get the chance to show the audience skills

Although Sunita Prajapati is a resident of Rajpura Laxmangarh, a small village in Rajasthan, but due to her hard work, she has been getting viral on social media so far, her only dream is that someone in Bollywood gives her a chance, so that Sunita Prajapati Get a chance to show your talent

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