Janmashtami special: From ‘Woh Kisna’ to ‘Yashomati maiya se’, celebs share their favourite Krishna song

Janmashtami special: From ‘Woh Kisna’ to ‘Yashomati maiya se’, celebs share their favourite Krishna song
Govinda to Gopala, Murlimanohar, Kunj Bihari, and Manmohan, Lord Krishna has so many names. And Bollywood has always shown special love to the God by making different songs on him. So, with Janmashtami soon approaching, your favourite celebs have shared their favourite Lord Krishna song. Read on:

Vijayendra Kumeria: I like the song ‘Woh kisna hai’ from the movie ‘Kisna: The Warrior Poet’. I like this song because it describes the characteristics of Lord Krishna in a simple yet beautiful way. The song is very soothing to the ears and it also describes the eternal and pure relationship between Krishna and Radha.

Vikas Sethi: It’s nice to look forward to Janmashtami and be reminded of the power of Shri Krishna’s contribution to mankind on a daily basis. His spoken word as Bhagwat Geeta continues to inspire me daily. My favorite song is ‘Achyutam Keshavam’. I resonate with it because for the believer God always exists.

Khushboo Kamal: My favourite song for Janmashtami is ‘Achyutam Keshavam’. I like this song because it is soulful, peaceful and very very spiritual.

Meera Deosthale: My nanaji named me after his biggest devotee Meera. I love Janmashtami. I used to be fascinated with Lord Krishna’s childhood stories and how he defeated evil. I love all songs and bhajans on Krishna ji, but from the movies, I like ‘Yashomati maiya se bole nand lala’.

Dhruvee Haldankar: ‘Hey Govinda, hey Gopal rakho sharan’, is my favourite bhajan that I sing and hum all the time.

Rishina Kandhari: I have two favourite songs based on Lord Krishna. First would be ‘Mach Gaya shor sari nagri mein’ and second ‘Go go Govinda’. They are very peppy and upbeat and fill you up with joy.

Angad Hasija: I always celebrate Janmashtami. If I am shooting I keep normal fasting and if not then I keep nirjala fasting as I am a Krishna follower. Normally I go to ISKCON Juhu but this year I am in Chandigarh and due to the pandemic, we have thought of not going anywhere. I am decorating my house with flowers and will be preparing 56 bhog. My favourite song is ‘Go go Govinda’.

Jhanvi Sethi: As a co-founder of My Zindagi Foundation I feel that COVID offers us a unique opportunity to go inwards, meditate and connect with our inner selves. Krishna has taught us just that to stay detached from this materialistic worldly experience. My favorite song is the same as my husband’s ‘Achyutam Keshavam’. I find it extremely soothing and heartwarming.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: Krishna has been called by thousand different names the same and similarly his songs are also huge in numbers so it’s difficult to choose one. But, I love ‘Radha kaise na jale’ from ‘Lagaan’ because I am a classical dancer and the way the dance was performed it’s amazing. I love this song and it refreshes my mind always.

Aarvika Gupta: I love this festival very much and Lord Krishna’s life is an inspiration to me. As a kid, I used to perform on ‘Choti choti gaiya, chote chote gwal’, so this song is very close to my heart. Second is ‘Radhika gori se Brij ki chori se’.

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