Conde Nast traveller lists Mukti Bhavan amongst the best travel films ever

By Sohel F Fidai :

Conde Nast traveller, the prestigious international travel magazine, in its April 2020 edition has listed Mukti Bhavan (Hotel Salvation) amongst 10 best travel films ever.

Antonia Quirke has compiled a list of top 10 best feature films that inspire people to travel to the country where the film is shot and based.

This list from different decades as well as different genre, includes Tracks(2013), The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), A Bigger Splash (2015), Boy on a Dolphin (1957), In Bruges (2008), King Kong(1933), Bright Star (2009), Final Portrait (2017), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon(2000) and Hotel Salvation in India known as Mukti Bhawan (2016).

Hotel Salvation is a film about the hostels in the holy city on the Ganges where elderly Hindus take themselves off to die, having decided enough is enough. The father-son drama starring Lalit Behl and Adil Hussain has won the heart of all the audiences including overseas.

The film has received four nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, including Best Film (Critics). It has also won 22 awards while travelling for the film festivals including Busan International Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival and many more. The 99-minute film was released in India in April 2017 after touring several international film festivals.

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