Suryaveer’s “Tum Jo Mile” shall make you fall in love again

By Sohel F Fidai :

2020 has been a year filled with some warm and fuzzy tracks to make the romantic nights a musical affair. With the addition of this new song by Suryaveer, the romantic saga shall add some beautiful moments oozed in Romance. With their adorable story and some meaningful lyrics, the song “Tum Jo Mile” will make you feel awestruck. From now on the song will surely be on everyone’s playlist, with its soothing tunes Suryaveer shall make your evening amorous.

Suryaveer has some golden words for his fans about his music video, “I wrote this song 5 years ago and I am finally performing it. The song is made in collaboration with the dating app “Happn”, as we had the same mindset. We both believe that nobody in our life crosses paths without a reason. “Tum Jo Mile” is all about crossing paths with the love of our lives”.

Suryaveer has graced his fans with some beautiful numbers previously with his original compositions as well as some amazing covers. He was in headlines for his hit number with Shibani Kashyap; a fusion recreation of the popular songs “Ankhiyan Udeek Diya and Ve Mein Chori Chori.” Now the song, Tum Jo Mile features Devika Singh where their chemistry is quite alluring, with the soulful track that shall resonate within one’s memory for a long time. His romantic numbers are sheer relationship goals for his fans as the music videos are filled with some exotic locations and an outburst of colors.

Suryaveer has some

exhilarating music for his fans and followers. All they can do is stay tuned to his Channel and fall in love with his single “Tum Jo Mile” till he announces his next song and his next collaboration.

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