Bollywood is in Under pressure to enter 100 crores Club, says filmmaker Honey Vee 

By Sohel F Fidai :

Honey Vee a Delhi based filmmaker made his directorial debut in Bollywood with the Hindi romantic feature film ‘The Love is Forever’ which was released worldwide in 2015. He has also made a lot of documentary films, TV Commercials, advertising films and Short film’ One Night Zindagi’  based on the changes of Human Relations. Honey Vee is a Well-known name in the Punjabi Film and television industry.who has acted in Many Punjabi Movies and Serial like ‘Sanjha Pyar’ Ag Og te Pg, actress Priti Sapru directed Upcoming movie ‘Teri Meri Gall Ban Gayi, and Upasana Singh’s Upcoming movie’ Yaara di Poh Barah’.  He has been the anchor of Famous Live talk show ‘Dial e India’ which aired on ZEE Media Punjabi Channel, it is only live entertainment show in the television industry that was aired over 500 episodes.

Honey Vee says while sharing his experience, “It is Dark Side for Indian Cinema that there are lot of art films lovers but Unfortunately most of the producers do not get to make such films, I think today every film director is wondering how to enter his film in the 100 crores club, and it is assumed that India has an audience of art films, but it is not in such large numbers as to give  business to the film, The pleasant aspect is also that there are some directors here who make films like this. No Doubt though It is very easy for the directors who have established their name in the film industry, He can convince the producers But it is very difficult for the new or outsider.” Honey Vee continues, ” I have some good art film scripts, and  I met a lot of film producers and financiers, and narrated stories. They also liked the stories, but the only thing is whether there is talk about the business of the film. It is a different matter that a lot of commercial films are also flopping in today’s era.But even then, these films get an audience initially but art films slowly get viewers through mouth publicity. Commercial cinema is seen only once, while an art movie is seen again and again, Honey said that his dream is to produce a good Art Movie And it’s absolutely true Art movies are made with heart and passion while commercial cinema is just is made with just the business in mind”

Right now Honey Vee is all set to make a Punjabi film whose artists are being finalised,

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