TV show ‘Seth ji’ fame actress Aprajita Singh will now surprise fans with her Bollywood debut

By Sohel F Fidai :


Aprajita maintains a nature according to her name, she has never been defeated in life but emerged as an undefeated despite tough struggles. She played an important role in Zee TV show ‘Seth Ji’. After that she started taking interest in movies and is now reading scripts for many films.

This girl who belongs to New Delhi is also new in thinking and her working style is also new, that is why she has been able to establish herself in this new world. She was fond of acting since childhood. Aprajita said, “Once I suddenly participated in the acting competition in school and I had come for a second, then I realized that I have to make this acting my career.”

She considers herself a natural actor, so she never took an acting class, perhaps she wants to keep the original one alive in a natural actress.

She got an identity from youth shows like ‘Misguided’, Confessions of an Indian Teen Ager. She played the role of Utra in Zee TV show ‘Seth Ji’, a character people still remember because of her unique look. She did this show for almost a year and had a different experience. Of all the things she has done so far, this show and this character was the best. That was a character which was the most positive in the whole house, there was no negativity in her. She played the role of Sethji’s middle daughter who used to solve all kinds of problems in the house, so this character was close to the heart of the audience.

She has worked in many print catalogs, jewelery and ads, as well as part of the Anti-Smoking Companion. Done as host and anchoring for many shows and events as well.

Aprajita Singh wants to do music videos and films in future. Her next project is a Bollywood debut film which will be a surprise package for her fans. At the moment she does not want to reveal her title.

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