#AamisLove continues as Bhaskar Hazarika’s Assamese feature Aamis enters its 3rd Week.

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By Sohel F Fidia :

Mumbai 4th Dec, 2019: Bhaskar Hazarika’s Aamis, the highly acclaimed Assamese film of the year released recently on 22nd November 2019 with a unique release strategy. Aamis has been regarded as a visual treat for cinema lovers.

Mumbai cinema lovers were fortunate to have another opportunity to watch the film at Doolally Taproom, Khar (W), on 4th December. Also available was the specially curated #Aamis and #Niraamis Highlight. The screening was housefull, followed by an engaging conversation between some members of the film crew and the audience.

Aamis actress Lima Das, whose performance has wowed audiences worldwide, will be speaking at the 3rd edition of the India Today Conclave – East in Kolkata on Dec 6th, along with Athlete, Gold medallist Hima Das and filmmaker, Rima Das. The India Today Conclave, East edition 2019, is an impactful platform that will bring together an inspirational array of cutting-edge entrepreneurs, authors, inventors, cultural icons, activists, artists and political leaders from across the country.

Kolkata film Industry favourite, Srijit Mukherji (Dir. Gumnami Baba, RajKahani, Begum Jaan) took to Facebook to express his thoughts, “In a daze after watching #Aamis. Mind numbing, heart wrenching, spine chilling. It takes you to a psychological space where cinema, in any language, seldom takes you. If the taste or flavour of a film can be likened to meat, this film would be as impossible to achieve as probably unicorn steak.” And another favourite, Ranjan Ghosh (Dir. Ahaa Re, Hrid Majharey & the Writer of Aparna Sen’s Iti Mrinalini) posted on facebook stating, “Aamis is out of the world. It’s beautiful, it’s weird, it’s devilish, and it’s immensely tasty.”

The strategy adopted by MovieSaints to release Aamis simultaneously in theatres across Assam, in select cities on public demand, as well as online has led to a buzz around Aamis that is unlike anything an indie film has seen. It is very rare that a regional language film gets this kind of out-of-state release and visibility. Aamis is now running in its third week in Kolkata!

About MovieSaints Distribution Solutions-
MovieSaints hopes to provide distribution solutions to indie films in India, Asia and then across the world. They have an interesting roster of films – with quite a spread from the North East. Moreover, they not only offer their technology but also work directly with filmmakers to create customized promotion and marketing strategies for their films.
For more information: moviesaints.com/aamis

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