Sophie Choudry’s new range of ‘Koffitox’ is a sureshot delight for all the coffee lovers!

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By Sohel F Fidai :

Originally a London girl and a graduate from the London School of Economics, singer, actor and former VJ Sophie Choudry has definitely carved a niche for herself in B-town with being an absolute all rounder in a host of diverse fields!

From producing some hit favourite music singles, to creating some of the hottest red carpet looks in town, to hosting and singing at some of the biggest events and gigs worldover and turning entrepreneur with her own line of detox tea Fittox last year, it is safe to say that Sophie has donned the versatile all rounder tag amazingly well!

After having embraced the entrepreneur, lifestyle and fitness space with her new celeb fitness based ‘Work It Up’, as well as having won the ‘Fit & Fab’ award of the year, and her healthy range of detox teas, Sophie and her Fittox family have now come up with something unique for all the coffee lovers out there! A new range of ‘Koffitox’ which is going to be a sureshot hit for all the coffee addicts!

A coffee lover herself, Sophie is quite excited about this new range of detox coffee which she is eagerly awaiting to share with everybody! Speaking about ‘Koffitox’, Sophie shares,”Team Fittox is thrilled to announce something for all the coffee lovers out there! The success of Fittox has been incredible but coffee lovers felt left out. For one year we have been developing our new product.Koffitox is your daily coffee fix power packed with natural fat burners, antioxidants and de-stressing herbs which we make in small batches using only the choicest, freshest and the most premium ingredients.”

“Koffitox is the only scientifically developed coffee in India which combines the magical abilities of coffee, dry ginger and cinnamon to start your fitness routine and weight loss journey. The best part is that not only does it taste great but it’s in dip dip bags making it so convenient!! Here’s to coffee making you look and feel great.. the joy of coffee and detox all in one cup.”

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