Actress Tilottama Shome bags Best Actress Award at Jagran Film Festival


Sir actress Tillotama Shome won the best actress award at the Jagran film festival recently. For Sir, she has won 3 best actresses award across the world till now.

Speaking at the ceremony Tillotama said, “Thank you so much Jagran Film Festival. Its been 10 years for me in Bombay as well and 10 years for you. You taught that it’s a journey that’s important, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win, its more important that you don’t get defeated, oh very bias thing! Its really nice to win and I am very happy. I have never won any award in India and so it’s very exciting because I live here only and I am an Indian and its really lovely. I started this journey 20 years ago and my films are of a kind that don’t bagged by big studios and don’t usually have huge marketing budgets so its feels lonely sometimes and isolated. So, this is a huge encouragement and I really like to thank my director Rohena Gera for making first award happened for me.”

Adds her director Rohena Gera, “I am so delighted that Tiltorama’s talent and hard work are being rewarded. Her role in SIR is complex, and it’s wonderful that the jury of Jagran Film festival appreciated the nuance and subtlety of the performance.”

Film Sir has bagged 17 awards, including 8 audience choice awards across the world.

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