Bholi Punjaban aka Richa Chadha hopes for a part 3 of Fukrey on the occasion of one year of Fukrey Returns!

Sohel F Fidai :

Fukrey has become an iconic franchise in the modern-day scenario on comedy onscreen. When the film first came out in 2013, it became a sleeper success owing to its fantastic content and writing. After a wait of 4 years, the sequel Fukrey Returns was released, which too earned incredible success. The film has become a new age definition of friendship themed comedy caper and has given us iconic characters like Bholi Punjaban and Choocha.

It was exactly a year ago Fukrey Returns opened to an overwhelming response and went to also become a major box office success, crossing and entering 100 crore club in 2017. Richa Chadha, who plays the role of Bholi Punjaban in the franchise took to social media to do a one-year throwback to the sequel and even hinted clearly at a possible part 3. She wrote to her director, that it’s enough time Part 3 should be made now. From what we know, the conversation to keep the franchise going has been on everyone’s mind and looks like come 2019 we might get to see the gang of Fukrey back on screen with their hilarious comedy antics!

Speaking about it, “Fukrey is a very special film. I am personally a huge fan of Bholi, she is brave and extremely intelligent and it’s been amazing to play her twice. I have made lifelong friends thanks for Fukrey. I definitely do hope to work again with the team again on part 3 of the film; it would be amazing to reunite for the third time. I think we definitely deserve part 3 of Fukrey”.

We too hope that the sequel is made sooner than later and we can’t wait for it.

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