Journey of Aankhen by Iron man of bollywood: Gaurang Doshi

By Sohel F Fidai :

Bollywood and controversies have been going hand in hand ever since. But all controversies have the unknown and unrevealed side, which mostly none of us are in light off. Here is one such heart-wrenching real story of Bollywood’s Controversial Hero, Gaurang Doshi.
Such was the impact of the accusations that he could barely concentrate on his work. He has indebted 14 years if his career due the mental stress he had to go through. This ‘Vanvaas’ (of not working for 14 years) was a difficult phase of his life.
But there was one person who stood by him like a rock in his bad times. He is none other than the Shehenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. They both (Gaurang and Amitabh) share a very special bond.
“I earned my success at young age, it was not gifted to me. My life starts with Amitabh Bachchanji and ends with him. He is the only man who has been always there for me in all times. I am blessed,” Gaurang said.
Gaurang, has recently announced his comeback with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in his new film ‘Happy Anniversary’.

He has been accused,he has been claimed , got mentally tortured to the extent that he could not work for good 14 years just “Vanavas” from work.He started working at the young age of 16,the age at which kids are finding there future aims. Films like Dil, Beta, Bavandar and the list continues.Then came another mile stone Ankhen and Deewar. In talk to our sources he says,”

“I have travelled a long journey with Bachchanji and have learnt throughout with him. He has an aura, some magic in his eyes. I always wanted to make Aankhen because I had seen a play,” he said while speaking about the legend Amitabh Bachchan. ”
Getting to him was not an easy task, recalling his first interaction with Big B, “I used to call him everyday for an appointment. I was no big name then, so obviously I didn’t get it. One fine day Nandita called me up and she told she was shooting with Amit ji for “Aks”. I just took my director and reached the sets and requested him for a small meeting. It was my good luck that he called me in his green room at Filmalaya Studio . I looked confident, but I was shivering from inside. Amitji, looking straight looking in my eyes, asked me why was I there? Gathering all the courage I told him in one breath that I want to make film with him. He said,to Amitji”I am a newcomer,I am a new producer,I want you to play the negative role I know you have biggies like Subhash Ghai and Yash Chopra but I will make the best,the best sir” said Gaurang with bleaming eyes.

“He (Amitji) was still looking into my eyes and asked me to go on and narrate . I was already very nervous, so I asked him that if I could call my director. But Vipul didnt come out if his car, leaving me in a very embarrassing situation. He, asked me to narrate in four lines to him, which I did and what happened next shocked me. Amitji , kept on looking at me for minutes together and said a “yes”. I was elated, shocked, surprised all at a time.” ” ,With empty pocket with only 500 rs, I promised Amitji to make 19 crore film. I don’t know from where that gut came,and I started my journey with 500 Rs only in my pocket and by giving post dated cheque of a week to Amit ji and rest is a history now.

Gaurang was on cloud nine, and why not? He had signed Big B for his dream project. He broke the good news to his father. Which again was a disaster, his father didnt seem to impressed with his decision and did not help him with the finances due to some issues. He managed it all by himself. He was the pioneer in introducing film financing by bank. “IDBI bank was the bank who financed their project. I made it a point that I cleared all dues in time,” added Gaurang with an expression of pride and content.
His Aankhen team was his support system, his back-bone. They supported him not only with collaborations but financially as well. “While the film was being distributed in Maharashtra by me, I fell short of finances, I requested my team (Amitji and Sushmita) for some help, which they readily agreed upon.I Asked Amitji that I could pay him balance 30 lacs of his pay after a month of the film release ,and to Sushmita the same for her balance 20 lac and they both agreed to spport me.
Akshay , Arjun and Paresh they were the fun elements on the sets they played pranks,rolled me in mud in outdoor shoot. My overall experience was amazing.
These are a few of my Aankhen moments, which I will cherish forever,” he said.

Hinting at the conspiracy planned against him, Gaurang says, “It all started as I was busy working, I was so engrossed in my work, that I didn’t realize I was being plotted. Planning was going on against me since two years and suddenly the bomb (divorce) exploded. I came as a shocker not only to me but the entire family. So I took a very difficult decision of taking a break, handling the situation and then bouncing back.”
A very positive and cheerful person by nature, he adds “When success comes to you especially at young age, it must be handled with utmost care. Success is the most delicate achievement, it is only good till you stay grounded. Once it goes on the achievers head, everything is shattered. My experience says it is not easy to handle success.”
Coming from a family of film-makers, movie making was what he had grown up with. It was sheer passion for him rather than just a profession. With success comes it’s share of jealousy, “People were really jealous of me since then till date, because of my huge success. As a boy from nothing I had grown into a successful producer. They have seen me growing. Only my work could prove me right. But unfortunately I was in a very bad state of mind, and could not concentrate on my projects.”

But one must not get disheartened with the untoward situations is what one must learn from Gaurang Doshi. He had to go through a lot of trials on his personal as well as professional front, but the positive vibe and energy he carries along with him is truly mesmerizing.
Speaking up about the allegations and accusations he says, “Me and my entire family had to go through a lot of pain and trauma for no reason. I was not the first person to get divorced. Still the blame game and name game continued. It was painful. I have noticed people are really interested in my life always. My personal life was a point of discussion amongst everybody, for reasons best known to them. Not only my wife, but many other individuals were involved in pulling me down. When I wanted to meet my daughter I was accused for threatening. And now when I have comeback plans, I am seeing some selfish beings coming back to me to fulfill their selfish means and then blame me for no reason. Its just all cheap publicity.”
In the end I’ll like to add that producer runs so many houses and kitchens do not target them for mere selfish reasons and out of jealousy, that affects kitchens . It adds to karma. Watch it.

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