Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi on #metoo movement

By Sohel F Fidai :

Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi on me too movement: Being a woman in any industry has never been an easy thing. For so long women have been made to feel inferior and weak by their male counterparts. In this industry if you don’t give in to the personal wishes of the director or producer you’re looked at as ‘difficult to work with’ or life on the set is intentionally made harder just because you chose to say “no”. I have personally experienced this and I have been called a drama queen and someone with too much attitude. Even to the extent of someone saying that I’m not from here and this is how things work in india. It reached a point where I decided to just keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself and accept the fact that women have no voice. And if they do say something then there are consequences for what they say. It’s sad that the issues that were prevalent 10 years ago are still on going today. But thanks to social media women are finding their voices and finally speaking out. I encourage all women that have faced adversity to express themselves and know that we are all here to support each other. What happened to Tanushree Dutta wasn’t right, we need to address it and take action. Together.

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