Director Lakshmi Iyer gears up for Wrong Mistake short film

By Sohel F Fidai :

IMG-20180930-WA0166Wrong Mistake is a short film based on a unique story inspired by a true event,a valentines gift gone wrong on the 10th Anniversary between a power couple and keeps you glued till the climax.

Its an interesting perspective on love and romance. The film has already crossed about 1.7 million views.Starring Sushant Singh,Achint Kaur,Amit Behl and Skye Linhart. It is written and directed by Lakshmi R Iyer and produced by Streetsmart Productions.

IMG-20180930-WA0165Talking about his work experience Sushant Singh says,I met Lakshmi thanks to my old friend Amit Behl. I always thought Amit talks a lot, but then I met the inventor of the game Ms Iyer. Jokes apart, it was gruelling but fun. Long hours, but fruitful. Specially enjoyed teaming up with old friends and accomplished performers Amit Behl and Achint Kaur, and Skye was a big discovery. Big hug to our DOP, Sound Engineer and the whole crew for a lovely experience.

Lakshmi says, “This is my second short as a director,and Iam extremely happy with the love the film has received. I am presently writing another short titled “Pink Auto” And another series based on relationship stories. The digital world gives an opportunity to young talent to explore and create interesting films. Her first feature as a producer “The Gandhi Murder”, is also expected to release in January 2019 produced under the banner Nugen Media Productions a dubai based film production house. Iam hoping to direct my first feature as soon as I find a great script.To me script still remains the King.”

The YouTube link to the short film

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