Unique service, ‘Rent a Boyfriend’ launched in Mumbai and Pune

Unique service, ‘Rent a Boyfriend’ launched in Mumbai and Pune

IMG-20180818-WA0059Mumbai, August 15, 2018:Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder affecting people globally as well as in India. As per World Health Organisation (WHO) report, released in 2017, depression has been ranked as the single largest contributor to global disability.The female to male ratio suffering from depression is 2:1. In India, about 56 million Indians (4.5%) suffer from depression and it is the contributor to suicide deaths – 8,00,000 per year.

With an idea to create awareness about depression and various mental disturbances in people’s lives, KP 24 United has launched a unique website and app called Rent A Boyfriend. Through RABF, the company aims to help the person suffering from depression by giving 100% free consultation by depression experts, 24*7.It is also coming up with a social service and good cause “GIVE LIFE 1 CHANCE.”
Talking about RABF, Mr Kaushall Prakash, Managing Director, KP 24 United says, “When family members and friends fail to help a depressed person overcome their disorder, we can help them to regain their lost confidence by encouraging them to make more friends from the website and overcome loneliness by hiring a Boyfriend. In reality a Boy| Friend. There’s a thin line between a Boy & friend which simply implies few restrictions. (no physicality and no private place meets). In other words, they can rent a friend who will be a pure gentleman to take care of the depressedand ensure their safety.They will be well trained and groomed to help by lending an ear to hear out their miseries, making them realize life is really beautiful and worth living.”
RABF service will be available to both male and female for the contracted time in the city of Mumbai and Pune initially for a price. The service will be purely platonic in nature (approved after due verification of both the parties) and would allow the client to explore 50-60 different outdoor activities, strictly in public places only such as hanging out, going to a movie, restaurant and many other outdoor activities. There would be three categories of boyfriends – Models, Mango people (normal citizens) and Celebrities. RABF service users (females/males) will have a detailed and strict contract to ensure all thesafety. With twoguarantors, police verification record for clean image & medically fit report. The average fee of one hour of service will be around Rs 700-1000 plus other expenses to be incurred/borne by the client.The revenue to the boyfriend will be shared; RABF will take 30% and remaining 70% by the boyfriend.
Adds Dr. Sonali Prakkash of KP 24 United, “What matters most in our service is the trust factor and the 4S – Secrecy, Safety, Security and Satisfaction. Majority of the websites prevailing in India are filled with many fake profiles, pedophile accounts, private meetings, no security for women usersetc. leading to increased crimes. RABF guarantees against all of these by offering a no-nonsense online website/app with a level of exclusivity. “Rental Boyfriend” is very unique yet platonic service which focuses on offering female’s comfort.We have designed this app with safety and privacy in mind from the beginning. We have detailed and strict contract for the users which will ensure the safety.”
RABF is also providing Human Library, which will help a user to meet the one who is highly knowledgeable in a specific field. So, instead of reading a book, he/she can meet a person directly who will be a good replacement for the book.

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