Manoj Bajpayee celebrates Iftaari party with Oshiwara Police Department.

By Sohel F Fidai..

IMG-20180601-WA0141Two Times National award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee always wins hearts with his superlative acting prowess. In films like Shool(1996), Tandaav(2016) and Traffic(2016) the actor played a responsible police cadre who displayed every real emotion a police official goes through while he attends his call of duty. Since then the actor has won hearts of many police officers.

With his immense acting prowess Manoj Bajpayee gets into the skin of every character and hence everyone instantly gets connected with him. The Police officials are so fond of the actor that they extended an invitation for the Iftaari party they organized at Oshiwara Police Station.

When Subhash Khanvilkar, head of Oshiwara Police Station invited Bollywood’s most unconventional actor Manoj Bajapayee the actor was more than happy in accepting the invitation and being part of the celebration. Actor has developed a special bond over the years with the Oshiwara Police department and whenever its possible he spends time with the officers and bonds well with them.

Commenting on the Iftari celebration, the actor said, “I’m so happy to be part of this celebration and feeling honored at the same time. Iftari is such a joyous occasion that binds people together”.

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