Sonam Kapoor makes an impact in Padman ! 

Sohel F Fidai…IMG-20180210-WA0058

Fresh off the success of Neerja , which won her a National award and noteworthy accolades, Sonam Kapoor continues to make an impact as Padman released nationwide today.

The star who comes in at an important juncture in the social entertainer , has been inundated with praise for her performance in Padman, with some calling it her best performance to date.

Critics and the trade have also credited Akshay Kumar & Sonam Kapoor for making a smart choice with the social entertainer that shuns taboos ,allowing the message to reach a wider spectrum of the audience thanks to their immense popularity .

Says acclaimed critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh, ” I think PadMan is a very important film and it is wonderful to see Sonam being a part of content driven cinema. The film carries a strong message which needs to have good faces for the message to  reach out to a wider audience. With the presence of Akshay and Sonam in the film it lends a lot of weightage to the story and takes it to a larger audience. I must say Sonam is very charming in the film. she adds lot of creditably to her character. “IMG-20180210-WA0058.jpg

Adds trade analyst Vajir Singh, ” There is no denying that Sonam Kapoor brings so much charisma to the film and is an absolute natural in this one. She is also very relatable to young girls and that makes her a perfect fit for this role.”

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