Mumbai Sea Tourism gets its first indigenous Cruise Ship, Mumbai Maiden

Sohel F Fidai..

Mumbai sea tourism gets its first indigenous cruise ship, Mumbai Maiden which
opened to public recently. For mumbaikars and tourists, who have already
experienced the vibrant city by road, a sea cruise experience will open a new
perspective with a glorious sunset cruise of Mumbai coast.

The ship will sail from under the Bandra – Worli sea link giving you a view of the
underbelly of this iconic structure, thereafter moving along Mumbai coastline to marvel
at the city’s bustling landscape and architectural buildings from sea.
To get onboard the ship, you need to head towards the Bandra jetty that runs parallel
from under the sea link . It is newly constructed by the Mumbai Maritime Board (MMB).
A speedboat will take you onboard the ship which is anchored in sea from where
passengers embark and disembark.
Priced at Rs.1,600 per head , it offers a 90-minute joy-ride where the passengers
onboard can look forward to a breathtaking cruise across the coast and some great
picture opportunities of the glorious sun setting with the sea link as its backdrop. You
could also catch a glimpse of the dolphins at play, add that dash of fine-dine hospitality
and serenading to music to make the experience all the more special. Weekends will have an extra dose of entertainment shows in the future.
The ship is an initiative by SSR Marine Services, a private marine company in joint collaboration with Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). Which aspires to boost tourism in the city.Captain along with Marine Engineer and Owner Sanjeev Agarwal and 1st Officer of Mumbai Maiden cruise ship.-1
“Mumbai city has a beautiful coastline which can be used effectively to promote water
transport and tourism and help reduce the traffic congestion on road. With the launch of
Mumbai Maiden, which is our first initiative to promote marine tourism, we aspire to
work closely with the state and central government to start various water transport and
tourism projects”. Says Sanjeev Agarwal, Chief Marine Engineer, SSR Marine

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