Changing The Name Of Film Cannot Fool  Our Sentiments Complete Ban Must: Karni Sena   

Sohel F Fidai

Rajput youth organization Shree Rajput Karni Sena today demanded complete ban on film Padmavati and also said that mere modifications in disclaimer and name of Padmavati would not justify the defamation of goddess queen of Chittor.

“The film brings disgrace to Rani Padmini and it is an attack on Rajput pride. The film presents distorted facts and threatens to shake India’s cultural identity. We ask the government and CBFC, why they are silently witnessing this defamation of India’s pride? Why do they feel the compulsion to release a film that hurts the sentiments of people? The compromise made between the censor board and makers of Padmavati cannot be accepted. We warn that theatres releasing the film would have to face detrimental consequences?” said said Lokendra Singh Kalvi.

The Karni Sena also questioned the authenticity of CBFC panel to review the film. “The CBFC is misleading us by saying that a team of historians reviewed the film while the truth is that not all of the panelists were historians and hence their suggestions cannot be comprehended. Moreover, the CBFC proposed to bring in nine historians in the panel but ended up calling only three. This depicts their lack of seriousness towards our concerns”.

Karni Sena activists also claimed that historian KK Singh, one of the panelists for the film review, who belongs to the Mewar royal family, had clearly conveyed his disapproval about the film. However, the CBFC disregarded his disagreement and went ahead with the certification and clearance of film with few modifications which are nothing more than mockery.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati has been receiving fire of various religious groups, including mainly Karni Sena, ever since the film’s production began. The film that was slated to release on December 1 was postponed by the makers amid heavy nationwide protests. The film was recently cleared by the CBFC with five modifications, mainly in disclaimer, changing the name from Padmavati to Padmavat and the song named Ghoomar. However, Karni Sena has completely rejected this move and says that the religious sentiments of millions of people cannot be fooled. Hence, they demand a complete nationwide ban.

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