Sohel F Fidai..

Bhupinder Singh and Mitali Singh at Bhumitaal Music's Dil Peer Hai album launch“Mother Earth has given us so much, and as artistes, we have felt the need to give back what we got. Hence, we looked at setting up a record label that would help us pay an ode to Mother Earth in our own, melodious way. What else could be more apt than a way to celebrate the creative spirit of art with earth music,” echo the legendary musical duo Bhupinder Singh and Mitali Singh as they bring to the music world, Bhumitaal Music, their latest melodious platform.Pankaj Udhas,Gulzar,Vaishakhi Desai Dave,Shivangi Desai,Mrs.Desai, Prashant Desai,Bhupinder Singh,Mitali Singh, Amandeep Singh,Anup Jalota & Rajkumar Barjatya at Bhumitaal Music's Dil Pe

 Aptly christened by veteran lyricist Gulzar, the word Bhumitaal embraces the totality of the thought of the duo, and their long-going aspirations to celebrate the art and cultures of the whole Earth.

 “As artists of course we believe in music beyond boundaries. Bhumitaal Music strives to bring world music to the Indian audiences with international collaborations, fascinating fusion and also lending global talent into the Indian music scenario and film industry alike,” feels Mitali Singh.

 The maiden album from Bhumitaal Music is Dil Peer Hai, that boasts of compositions by Bhupinder Singh, lyrics by Gulzar with the voices of stalwarts Mitali Singh, Sonu Nigam and Rashid Khan with young talents Vaishakhi Desai Dave and Shivangi Desai. “With Dil Peer Hai, we unravel the first talents Vaishakhi Desai Dave and Shivangi Desai,  whom Bhumitaal Music is introducing to the world of professional music. Simple and soulful, the duo holds immense promise.

“My compositions are not easy to render, but these talented children did total justice to the songs,” avers Bhupinder Singh. “In Dil Peer Hai, Amandeep Singh has rendered his voice and played the solo guitar parts as well.” The album also has Gulzar narrating the lyrics of Kya Dhoondta Hai, again an amazing experience in itself.

Says Shivangi Desai, “I felt very touched when we were chosen as the first duo to be rendering our voices to Bhumitaal Music. I have tried my best to do justice to the songs. It was a great learning experience for me.”

 Adds Vaishakhi Desai Dave, “I live abroad and have met Bhupinder-Mitaliji as a child. When they heard my songs and wanted us to sing Bhupinder ji’s compositions, I was in shock. It was like an unexpected jolt of happiness. I have worked hard on the songs, each of which is unique in its own way.”

Feels Gulzar, “Bhupinder is an amazing composer. He has composed my lyrics from the eighties and he is the only composer who has dared to compose my blank verses. He breathes life into my verses. Most of my non-filmi lyrics are composed by Bhupinder and sung by Bhupinder and Mitali.”

Consorting with the two on their seamless creations through Bhumitaal Music, will be new talents, representative, emerging voices of Mother Earth. Bhumitaal Music aims to hone their artistic excellence by bringing young talents together. Bhumitaal Music is also looking at a musical extravaganza that bridges the gap between genres, stalwarts and novices, the classical and the cutting-edge, the performers and the audiences alike.

 Let us listen to Dil Peer Hai… Be one with Bhumitaal!           

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