Ahana Deols Surprise Gift for her Sister Esha Deol for her Baby Shower

Sohel F Fidai…IMG-20170828-WA0118Cultures across the world celebrate birth in unique ways, and Esha Deol & Bharat, following the auspicious traditional Sindhi rituals of ‘Godh Bharai’ and getting re-married was indeed unique!IMG-20170828-WA0123

But Esha’s little sister Ahana Deol had different plans for her sister mom-to be, in celebrating the baby shower for her in a more modern way. IMG-20170828-WA0120

She secretly planned with her brother-in-law Bharat, and got Esha’s measurements for a Lavender chiffon lace vintage gown with floral embroidery, designed by their friend Designer Rocky S, and Bharat Takhtani suit was designed by Simply Simeone. IMG-20170828-WA0125

Ahana wanted to ensure that the theme would reflect the personality of the mom-to-be, and since Esha favourite colour is lavender, which also conveys a feeling of sophistication, the whole theme would reflect just that.  Besides lavender makes a great non gender specific colour alternative.IMG-20170828-WA0126

Ahana, along with their common friend  since school, Varun Kapoor hosted the party at Sunny Handa’s Z Residency setting the theme of the party to ‘70s to 90s retro music’.  They planned it meticulously with a lavender themed invites, balloons, floral arrangements, assorted candies and personalized banners with a very special lavender based chocolate Belgium cake, with a miniature version of vintage perambulator on the top baked by Delicia. Exotic hydro-mocktails and cocktails, with authentic Awadhi and mughlai dishes were also served. IMG-20170828-WA0119.jpg

The special thematic Baby Shower party also included fun games like tug of war, measure the mummy’s waist guess, diaper pasting games etc. The theme also included guests wearing blue if they guessed it was a boy or pink if they guessed it was a girl!

And playing the perfect host, Ahana also ensured return gifts for the guests like customised bracelets for all, pocket square for boys and scarf for girls, special double Chocó-chip and salted caramel cookies from the House of Cookies.

Say Ahana Deol “I wanted to do this for Esha because she threw a surprise baby shower party for me. So I decided to do the same for her. As sisters these are the fun girly moments in our life. Thanks to Bharat for sneakily getting me the measurements of Esha for the gown and managing to keep it a surprise for her.”

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